Phoenix Arizona Temple

Phoenix Arizona Temple

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

September 9, 2013

Oh my goodness, that picture of Kelly is HILARIOUS!!! So, I forgot my journal again. But this time I have more time so I will try to be more interesting! If you haven't already paid for the plaque, I decided I don't want another one anymore! But if you have paid for it already, then I guess you can just use the 3 Nephi scripture. I seriously just sat here for 20 minutes trying to decide on a new scripture and gave myself a headache. I hope you didn't already get the new plaque! The people who write me regularly are Dad, you, my friend Sister Toyn from the New Mexico mission, an Elder serving in Virginia who I've never met, and Tony Markus :) So I get enough letters! No one writes me from home! Sometimes I get letters from grandparents, but I have no friends writing me except missionaries! Things are better now that school is in :) We have some great investigators! We might still not have any baptisms coming up soon for some different reasons, but at least we have some progressing investigators that we're excited about :) We had an exchange with the sisters in Sedona this week. They work in a trio and one of the sisters stayed with me in Flagstaff for the day. Sister Connell had a rough time in Sedona....I guess they live in a mortuary and they took her to the freezer and she saw a bunch of bodies. If I ever serve in Sedona we are MOVING. I refuse to live in a place like that! But my exchange up here was great :) Yesterday was really nice :) We had a great dinner with some of the girls in our ward. They made a delicious chicken teriyaki in a crock pot! Sister Connell's mom sent her a bunch of cake mixes and we brought the chocolate one over and we all made cake together :) We also made a quick frosting, but Sister Connell and I had to leave before the cake was done, so they brought it to our fireside and we all ate it in the kitchen! It was funny :) The other day we cleaned this lady's house who we met at the 12 Step Program. We didn't have a lot of time so we just scrubbed one of her bathrooms and helped her son clean his room. It was a wreck! But we got it spotless :) I always love doing that! There's so much satisfaction in taking something dirty and making it perfect :) Oh, apparently Annie Duncan commented on a Facebook post that and Elder's mom in my zone, Elder Starr, put up and they have no relation, and neither do we! Yeah, he just told me that. Fun fact haha :) It has been rainy and cold the past couple of days. Today I'm wearing a cardigan and scarf and my boots! It's crazy! This morning we woke up to rain and I tied 3 socks together and then tied them to my head to keep my ears warm! It's crazy! But I love it :) It's going to get cold too fast here....this morning I had "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas" stuck in my head :) It's only raining, it shouldn't snow for another month! Let me tell you about the stupid thing I said at Church yesterday. There were these two girls who were both wearing 6 or 7 inch heels and I said "wow, those shoes make you both really tall!" One of them said, "yeah, we call ourselves the Twin Towers." Without thinking about it, I popped off with "well, you know what happened to those..." I was really embarrassed and walked away! All of you should read the Book of Mormon with me and comment when you want to on Facebook on our Liken page :) Please? I think that would be so fun! And a good way to make sure we're all reading the Book of Mormon every day :) I'm not doing this for me, I'm doing it for you! Not just you as in Mom and the family, but for everyone to help us all read! I'm sure there are things I could tell you about my week, but I'm sorry I forgot my journal :( But I will tell you that my testimony has increased this week on working hard and forgetting yourself. I feel like I was spending a little too much time earlier this week worried about myself and not enough about the people like, "what am I doing wrong? What do I need to do better? How could I have made this thing happen?" When really I need to think, "what does this person need to progress? What does she need to know to have a testimony of the Book of Mormon? How can she feel the love of the ward members and her Heavenly Father?" I need to turn OUTWARD instead of looking at myself so much. As I focus on building the people that I'm serving, I will automatically improve myself. The best way to learn is to teach, the best way to feel taken care of is to serve, the best way to feel loved is to love, and the best way to be better is to help other reach their potential. Well, I sure love you, Mom :) Thanks for always making sure there's an email waiting for me when I log on :) You're the best! Love you tons! And the rest of the hooligans :) -Kady

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