Phoenix Arizona Temple

Phoenix Arizona Temple

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

May 20, 2013

Wow, your trip sounds so fun! Too bad I had a better week than you. I'm serious! WE HAD A BAPTISM!!! Her name is Callie Davis and she's pretty amazing :) I can hardly describe how great she is! She was so ready for baptism before we even met her. But she stunned me even more when I asked her if she was excited to be baptized and she said "no, it needs to happen. I'm way more excited to get confirmed!" WHO SAYS THAT?? People who get it, that's who! And I take ZERO credit for getting her to baptism. Our lessons were just checklist items for her because she already knew all the things she needed to and has had years of preparation from the Lord that we became the means to getting her to baptism. We became friends along the way, but besides the fact that it's necessary to have the missionary discussions, she did not need us at all. I was so impressed at how ready she was! Yes, school is out. Most people are gone for the break but a lot of people came home, too. Lots of kids go to BYU Provo that are from Flagstaff so we still have some members...and people to find! But it is quieter around here. We've had to tract some places in the Elders's areas. But we've had a lot of fun doing it! We were able to tract a neighborhood with houses! We felt like real missionaries :) Not that knocking on apartment doors isn't "real" but it was just a nice change. We met a boy named Danny that we talked to for about a half hour about God. His parents raised him athiest but found God on his own so he has a lot of weird, made up notions about Him and about Christ. But it's okay! We had a good conversation and we will probably see him again :) Sister Harrah is HILARIOUS! She would probably get too embarrassed if I told you some of the things she says and does, but I'll tell you one of the more mild ones. Last night when we were praying together, she saw an ant walking towards me so she smooshed it into the carpet. Later she said, "did you pick up the ant?" I said, "no, did you?" She said, "ew, what do you expect me to pick it up with?" I said, "your fingers?" And she said, "who do you think I am? George of the Jungle?" I could not stop laughing FOREVER! (Please tell me if that's not actually funny, I don't know if I have a missionary sense of humor when I think things that aren't funny, are, like everyone else in my zone! haha!) But we had a pretty good week. Lots of laughs. We unclogged our bathroom sink today and I almost DIED! I've never done that before but had seen someone else do it so I just went in with a bucket unscrewing stuff. NASTY! We've also had some spiders. last night there was a tricky one that Sister Harrah couldn't keep under the jar. We Raid-ed our apartment today, too! I'm just freaked out because of the wild turanchulas, however you spell that. I've never seen one, yet, but people say they're in the woods, but guess where I live, IN THE WOODS!!! And everywhere I go is IN THE WOODS!!! I'm pretty scared, and I have nightmares that they're in our house and crawling over my feet when I wash my face in the sink. But that's probably not going to happen! And we aren't going to the temple until June, I think. But anyway, everything is great :) I only have potentially 2 more weeks with Sister Harrah :( :( :( But we'll see! Love you Mom :) -Sister Tolley

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