Phoenix Arizona Temple

Phoenix Arizona Temple

Friday, October 11, 2013

October 7, 2013

Kelly wrote me? She must have forgotten to send it because I haven't gotten a letter from her. I watched all 4 sessions of conference at the Welcome Center. We were "allowed" to watch the Relief Society broadcast 15 minutes after it started so I was really sad about missing that. I learned from that experience that if it seems like a good idea and the Spirit is telling me I should do something, if I don't necessarily "get permission" yet, I should do it until I'm told not to. Not in all situations, but I could only be mad at myself for not going. If I had gone to the beginning and our zone leaders told us we weren't permitted to go, we could just say "oops" and then leave early. But instead I waited around and ended up missing the whole thing for no reason. I was REALLY upset at first until I decided to not be angry at my leaders for not caring about the sisters (blah blah blah pity me, sister missionaries are so dramatic!) because I could only be mad at myself for not taking action in my own life. Lesson learned! Last Monday, I was waiting for Sister Connell to finish on the computer at the library and I looked up and saw the homeless person that was baptized in June! Once the Elders were transferred, he disappeared. Now he calls us and asks us to set up appointments with him again:) I know that that is one of the reasons why I am still in Flagstaff, no one else knows him or would have recognized him, he would have been lost. Especially because he wants to move to Kingman soon and then no one would have found him! Well I shouldn't say that, the Lord would put him or someone in a place to bring him back eventually, but I know that Sister Connell and I can do that right now! It's so exciting!! Over the weekend, I was caught up in serious reflection about my life. It gets pretty deep, so I don't think I want to email it home to the whole world, so I might tell you about it when I get home someday. But starting with Friday's zone meeting all the way until this morning's personal study, I was pondering so deeply the life I have lived and am living. It was weird. It was kind of like an out-of-body experience where I was just observing myself. I didn't talk much, I was really thoughtful. But I've come to a conclusion and am ready to start applying the things I learned from this experience and from General Conference to my life. I know that sounds weird, but I would have to explain to you what happened and this doesn't feel like the place, especially when I don't know who reads these letters... but speaking of General Conference! I loved it!!!! I wrote about it on Liken, and I would like everyone to share what they liked, too:) Well, it was a rough week for indicators. We lost contact with one of our investigators as she lost her phone on her trip to Boston and another one of our investigators "set us aside." But we still have an incredible investigator well on his way to baptism on the 19th! This baptism is a long-time-coming for Sister Connell, YSA 1st ward, and me. It will be such a relief to see the results of our efforts! We have been doing some less-active reactivation work mostly, and it has been rewarding to have them come back, so I'm not complaining. Missionary work just wears me out sometimes. Well, all the time. Still not complaining! D&C 123:13 "we should waste and wear out our lives in bringing...light" to all the people of Flagstaff, whether they are active members, less-active members, or not-yet members! ANYWAY, really done this time. I love you so much! Thanks for all the emails:) Sorry you felt bad all last week! I got it this time! -Kady

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