Phoenix Arizona Temple

Phoenix Arizona Temple

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

May 6, 2013

Man, that Kelly....she needs to just DO stuff! Did she like the pin I got her? :) I can't believe that girl thinks she won't get married! OH MY GOODNESS she is TOTALLY getting married before me!!!! She had better explain him to me, or I will be chapped! And I really need my temple bag. I don't know when we're going to the temple, but it will be pretty soon! This isn't frustrating to me, yet, but I won't know anything about Phoenix until June 2nd whether I'm staying in Flagstaff or not, and I won't be in the Phoenix mission until July 1st. Flagstaff is the only area switching to Phoenix, so if I'm in Flagstaff next transfer, I'll be in the Phoenix mission starting July. So, I guess I'll tell you about my week! Sister Harrah and I knocked on a lot of doors. We recorded inviting 78 people to learn about the gospel, and 78 people said no thanks. Well, maybe 15, I can remember a few rude people. But for the first time someone swore at us! Said our religion is a load of....junk. And he wasn't too mean, just telling us how he felt I guess. Our car is pretty broken. We spent a lot of time at Jiffy Lube, then Big O Tires, then the Cheverolet dealership having them look at it. We might not have a car for a few days this week. I guess that Evaporation something broken.. I have no idea. But it's a part they have to order that should be in tomorrow. I guess it will be fun for us to ride the bus around :) And walk...........I noticed my calves are getting pretty toned from all the walking! ;) Did I tell you about Callie? Well, she's incredible. She's our only investigator that's progressing at the moment. On Saturday night, she was house-sitting alone with the family's dog and someone was trying to break into the house at 2 am! She went out to see who it was and it was some drunk college student who thought it was his house and was trying to get in. She had to call the police to have him removed from the porch!!! And this weekend was Stake Conference. She came to the General Session yesterday and said that coming to these things (church, meetings, activities) reaffirms her confidence that this is what she needs to do with her life; be a member of the church! Her parents said they won't be supporting her at her baptism. But she was still excited and willing to bump it FORWARD! Instead of being baptized on the 25th she's scheduled for next Saturday, the 18th!!! We're soooo excited!!! :) So Stake Conference. In the Adult Session (which we were permitted to attend because Callie went with us :) Best investigator ever!) our mission president, President Batt, and his wife spoke! They came down for interviews. Which by the way, he alloted 15 minutes for each missionary and we only took 5. He said how's your family? Fine. How are you? Great. How's the work? Excellent. Any questions for me? No. Okay, mind if I close with a prayer? I guess I'm pretty low-maintenance! Anyway, we went to all 3 sessions which was great :) And the General Authority was Elder Gifford Nielson! He's amazing! I loved listening to him :) He's really funny and engaging! It was a good weekend. And we finally met with Josh! He was an investigator that we'd found tracting, in March! We met with him 3 times then didn't see him for a month! But we finally saw him on Saturday and read from 3 Nephi with him. We talked a lot about baptism and he says he'll think about it. He says he'll read and pray and ponder why he wants to be baptized, besides the fact that it's a commandment. He's great :) I think he's Sister Harrah's favorite, she's been praying SO hard for him! Anyway, that's my life. I thought it was a great week! But after writing about it, I guess it was pretty boring. I could tell you all the funny things that Sister Harrah does and all the fun times we had! But she'd be really embarrassed. I'll read it to you out of my journal some day :) That's all I guess. I'll keep a list of things to tell you for next week. Love you!!! :) And I don't think you need to tell me to "be good" just saying! :) -Sister Tolley

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