Phoenix Arizona Temple

Phoenix Arizona Temple

Monday, October 14, 2013

October 14, 2013

Okay, let me tell you a little story. It's pretty awesome :) If you know anything about the Preach My Gospel handbook, Chapter 9 is on finding people. Sister Connell and I were using the Ideas for Study and Application in the back of the chapter on page 172 in our companion study yesterday morning. One of the suggestions says, "Imagine that you and your companion are transferred into a new area. You find the area book in good condition, but you have no investigators. What would you do to add people to your teaching pool as rapidly as possible? Make plans to implement some of these ideas today." We talked a little bit, throwing out some ideas, and then came up with the idea to teach Sunday School. We thought, "what if we could teach TODAY?!" I got really excited and texted our Ward Mission Leader. This is the conversation we had via text: Us: Who's teaching Sunday School today? WML: I don't know, [the person in charge of today's class] hasn't told me anything. Unless he's already gone [on his mission]. In which he should have told me. Us: Oh man! If he's on his mission already, can we teach Sunday School today? WML: Honestly I was thinking that yesterday. I just didn't tell you. You were already my back up. I'm glad we are all on the same page! Then guess what we did? WE TAUGHT SUNDAY SCHOOL YESTERDAY!!!!! I was so excited all morning, I couldn't contain it :) We went through the Restoration Pamphlet with everyone and let them each keep a copy. Then we went through some of the paragraphs in Chapter 9 that we'd studied, like "The Importance of Members" and "Go About Doing Good" sections. We even used another one of the Ideas for Study and Application at the end of the chapter to invite the members to make a list of people they could share the gospel with and then to prayerfully select on to invite by next month :) I was so pumped!!! Coolest thing ever. Now that's how you "add people to your teaching pool as rapidly as possible" :) Then! We had a lesson during Relief Society and now we have a new investigator!!! Crazzzzzzzzy!!!! Best Sunday ever :) I also told Dad about another great story from yesterday, so you can ask him to read it to you :) I don't know if he shares my letters to him with you? The other day we were going through our list of Formers, and found one who had taken the lessons two years ago but has been coming to Church consistently since then! We met with him and invited him to continue the lessons and he agreed. We asked him why he didn't want to be baptized and he gave some reasons. We read some scriptures about why it's important to be baptized and he said "actually, a few days ago I was thinking about it, and I think I want to be baptized." What?! Are you serious! So many miracles this week it's not even funny!!! It only snowed that one day. And it melted faster than it fell so it was only snowy in the morning! It snowed long enough to attack me at the gas pump! We went on exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders this weekend. I was in Prescott on Saturday. I love Prescott! I would be happy to be transferred there someday :) I love the story about Kelly :) Made me laugh so hard! And I got a letter from her last week :) Probably won't have time for shopping if you send me money on Christmas. But don't have a heart attack, you do a fine job picking out clothes for me :) And the candy corn soda was not very good...but it's expected! Thanks for the love :) haha Love you Mom! Hope you have a good week :) BE GOOD ;) -Kady

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