Phoenix Arizona Temple

Phoenix Arizona Temple

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

March 8, 2013

Hello Family! My week has been so incredible! I should write to you on paper the things that I've been learning, but I don't have enough time to email everything I've learned, 27 minutes left and counting! The schedule is great, I love having everything all laid out for me, but a lot of the other missionaries hate it. I'm not as tired as everyone else either. I get really tired after I have a spiritual experience. I have spiritual experiences non stop every day! But I mean when I have a REALLY spiritual experience, like last night, seriously life changing! My Sunday was really good, relaxing, and I was glad to take the sacrament, when every day feels like Sunday I was starting to miss it! At the devotional, the Provo temple president and his wife spoke to us, then on Tuesday we had Brother Aidukaitis of the seventy and his wife speak at the Tuesday night Devotional. Yes I got my package, and thank you! I really appreciate the watch! But next time, I don't think I necessarily want any candy, I have no time to even open it to eat or share! But thank you very much! I'm getting used to working with my companion. I love her so much! But I don't like teaching with her. I feel like she doesn't even try to change or do better, I think she thinks she does a good enough job, but I don't like her teaching style at all! But it's okay, I'm learning to be more accepting of how she is. My district is a ton of fun! But the Elders don't really care about me very much, which is hard because I love them all so much! I love the other two Sisters a ton, though, and we have fun together and I know they at least love me! I'm sorry that you're being bothered by everyone! That's actually kind of funny. At least people care about you! The only ones who care about me here are the three Sisters in my disctrict, my teachers (WHO I LOVE SO SO SO SO MUCH!!!!) and God. But that's okay, because I'm just too full of love to even care if people don't love me back!! I'm so proud of you for working hard in the gym! I can't wait to get back into that with you! To be honest, I haven't been doing much exercising at all. The other day I ran a mile though! But usually I just play 4 square with my district. Speaking of Kelly, I saw Elder (Kou?) a couple of time at dinners and he took a picture with me to send to Dad, but anyway, he wants her to write him. If she doesn't know who that is, he's the one who had Chinese class with her. I've also seen Conor a lot, and I saw a couple of Sisters from High School. I saw the back of Bentley walking away from me today, but I didn't call out to him because I don't think he knows me. I saw Makyla too! Dad would like to know I think.. I haven't really asked if anyone has connections with Farmington in my district... Thank you for that message. It was hard for me to be enthusiastic early last week because I was so annoyed with my companion. But I have been trying to love and be happy and enthusiastic. So that message was perfect! I hope I have more time on the computer when I get to Farmington so I can write all of these things down. Can you tell Sister Lindsey that the things she sent me off with really inspired me? I am so grateful for the things she prepared for me. Tell Tean and Mandy congratulations for me!!! That's so awesome!!! Love you so so much! Talk to you when I get to New Mexico! Love, Sister Tolley Oh, but also, ask Sister Proctor about DearElder. She sent me one and it's like a letter, but you don't pay anything, it just comes straight to me in the same day you send it. It's pretty cool. Tell her I got her letter and I really appreciate it. I loved what she shared with me!

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