Phoenix Arizona Temple

Phoenix Arizona Temple

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

April 8, 2013

I love hearing about how and what you're doing! Please keep me informed about your crazy diets and workouts :) Pretty much, I have been getting FAT. It's not easy, but I've been doing it. I was falling asleep during my personal study in the mornings so I decided to eat bigger, more filling/energizing breakfasts, but then I was eating normal lunches, and every night we get fed by members so I eat a lot at night. But I don't exercise! We used to do Jillian Michaels, but we got sick of it, so we started doing "our own thing" which ended up with laying on the floor, stretching....and then falling back to sleep. So, getting fat kind of hurts! Sister Harrah and I are kind of dieting, mostly just portion control and healthier options. We are also going to plan out what we do in the morning for working out the night before. This morning we went running! The elevation killed me, though. My body could keep running, but my heart hurt so bad! I had to stop to breathe forever! And today is turning out to be really stormy and cold so it was actually warmer at 6:40 this morning than it is now, so we're pretty lucky anyway! My biggest worry about gaining weight is that my clothes won't fit and it will be really embarrassing when I have to ask you for bigger clothes and when I send pictures and people don't recognize the fat girl in the middle....who would be me.... Conference was amazing! We watched it at the Welcome Center (NAU YSA Institute building) with some of the members. There was one girl who came who is a former investigator! She believes in the church, and wants to be baptized, but her mom won't let her, so she's waiting until a certain age when she can do it without her mom stopping her, or when she moves out, or something? But I have never seen her and I guess it'd been a long time since she'd been to church or activities or anything, so it was awesome to see her there!!! Also, I was thinking about it, and minus the Priesthood Session, there were 25 talks given in conference and there are 26 weeks until next conference. I decided that I'm going to try to read one talk per week and apply the things I learn in my life that apply to me. I'm pretty excited about it! I hope I can actually do it, though. I don't just want to hear the talks once, think they're cool, take some notes, and forget about them until next conference. I want to USE the things I learn for the next months until next time! And then just do that my whole life :) Also, I was reading in Genesis, and I was wondering about the Amalekites and how they are related to the ones in the Book of Mormon? I don't think I have the resources to look it up, but Sister Hales (a missionary with her husband working at the Welcome Center) looked it up on her phone on the gospel library and google and decided that maybe the ones in the Book of Mormon were called Amalekites to show their wickedness in comparison to the ones that were destroyed by the Simeonites in the Bible. But I have no idea! And was just wondering if Dad or someone knew, or if someone could look up dates or something. It's not of pressing importance, just something I was wondering about! I would like my CDs! Even without a CD player, because Sister Harrah's music is getting a little old. I still love it though, and it's not a big deal. So our investigator with a date set is named Zach and he moved his date to April 20th because this weekend is this country concert thing (Country Jam?) in Phoenix and all of his friends are going to it so he wants them to be there for his baptism. We realized yesterday that it's 4-20 which might be a problem for his friends anyway! Just kidding, but kind of not... I don't know what I've told you, so I might repeat myself. But we found this person, Josh, when we were tracting and have met with him 3 times now. Last time we set a date with him for May 4th!!! But then he went on a two week field trip with his geology class so we won't see him until the end of next week! I'm scared :( but he said he'd read the Book of Mormon, so we're hoping! Okay, okay, okay, something crazy is happening in the mission! I got an email from President Batt today that says that Flagstaff will be part of the Phoenix mission starting July 1st! That doesn't mean anything to me right now, but it could! My 12 week training period will be over in the first week of June, but if the pattern is the same where the missionary that hasn't been in an area as long trains or at least stays, then I will be in Flagstaff until August. If that didn't make sense, then I'll say it a different way. Sister Harrah has only been out four months. She was trained in Flagstaff and when transfers came she took me on to train. If the pattern stays the same, they won't white-wash the area, so I would be the one staying since she'll have been here 6 months. Anyway! I could, of course, be transfered somewhere else and sisters already in the Phoenix mission could be called to Flagstaff, but there is a possibility that I might be switched to the Phoenix mission! It's crazy, and a lot of things could happen, but I guess we'll have to see! Well, I guess that's all I have. I might be pretty boring. Love you so so so much! -Sister Tolley

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