Phoenix Arizona Temple

Phoenix Arizona Temple

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

April 29, 2013

I can't believe I've been out 2 months! I'm a ninth of the way done with my mission :) haha actually my first month went by really slow, but the second went by so fast! This week went by fast! Yesterday it hit me that today would be Preparation Day, I can't believe it's here again already! But I had the BEST week! Let me just tell you. So we had a baptism :) :) :) His name is Zach Petersen and his the GREATEST! I love him so much! Am I allowed to say that? He really is the best guy ever though :) I cried a little when he came up out of the water :) He's changed so much since the first time we met with him! Ah! I could go on and on! I wish you could meet him :) We also set 2 baptism dates this week! One with a girl named Callie who is amazing! We've had two lessons with her and every time we testify of something, she testifies right back! Our first meeting, she was in 2nd Nephi already and told us she has a testimony of Joseph Smith!!! What?!! So we extended the invitation to be baptized on May 25th :) I have full confidence she WILL be baptized at the end of next month! The other girl we met last week is named Bree. She was telling us about how she is committed to learning about the church and wants to be a part of it soon. She and her mom have been researching it and reading the Book of Mormon together online! And she goes to church with her friends in Phoenix all the time. We asked her to be baptized on May 25th, also, and in our first lesson. At first she was really shocked! But the more she thought about it, she said she likes to have a deadline so she can have something to work towards. I'm less confident in Bree, but I have the feeling we'll have two baptisms on the 25th!!!! I can't believe how blessed we are! So the non-mission related stuff :) One of our Institute teachers, Brother Martin, who isn't the youngest guy, was out riding longboards in the institute (Welcome Center) parking lot with these two kids from the wards. He was telling us how he had just learned and how easy it was. So he talked me into trying. They say you lean to turn, but I had to pick up the board and change directions to turn. But they said it's easy when you get to the downhill. I was going so fast! They said move back and forth to slow down, I can't even turn! I think I was speeding myself up! I was headed straight for the curb! I don't know if I fell off or lost my balance or abandoned ship, because I didn't hit the curb, but I did fall off backwards! If I had hit the curb, I might have landed safely in the bushes, but I might have knocked myself out on the fire hydrant and broken the board. But I cut up my knee and elbow, ruined one of my socks, scuffed up the top of one of my shoes, and potentially ruined my yellow cardigan! It didn't hurt though, at least! It was just embarrassing because my skirt flew over my head and I was laying on the ground like an old woman with my garments showing! It was crazy. Another thing I wanted to ask you about was the soda machines at restaurants around there? At 5 Guys here in Flagstaff, there is the CRAZIEST soda fountain I've ever seen! It's touch screen and it gives you probably 30 different coke product options and when you select one you get at least 8 different flavor options! It's incredible! I was just wondering if there were any where we live. Sister Harrah and I get a soda a few times a week :) ALSO! There is this sweet girl named Soraya Ririe in one of the wards who is really nice and cute and is my little friend :) She's under 5 feet tall and always has random, funny things to say to me :) She never wears her shoes and is an AMAZING pianist! She's adorable :) Anyway, she looked me up on Facebook and found out we have a mutual friend. Most random thing I've ever heard of, but she knows Elder Sharp! I guess he dated her best friend when he was at BYU last semester! Crazy huh? I couldn't believe it! So weird! But surprisingly, there are so many people who know where Herriman is! Sister Harrah lives in Syracuse and doesn't even know where Herriman is! But last night I met a lady at this Stake Fireside on temples (incredible fireside) who said she is moving in with her daughter and son-in-law in Herriman! And so many other people have family there, have worked there, lived there for a while, or know someone who lives there! I can't believe it! And I do have a question. Did you get my Associate's Degrees? Well, I guess that's about it. There's plenty more I could tell you, but I can't think of anything! Except I'm sad that Dad didn't write me this week :( But ask any question you'd like and I'll tell you all the good stuff about my mission! It's not all great, but pretty much it is :) I'll tell you about the hard stuff, the annoying stuff, the missionary gossip, and all that when I get home ;) Love you so much!!!! Tell me where Kelly goes!!!!! -Sister Tolley

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