Phoenix Arizona Temple

Phoenix Arizona Temple

Monday, March 31, 2014

March 31, 2014

Hey Mom!

You can send me some shirts. I don't have the kind of time I used to have on P-Days now that I have a bike. Thanks :)

I was reading in an Online Proselyting guidebook that just came out for missionaries, and it recommends that missionaries using Facebook don't have their weekly emails home posted. Now that I am an Online Proselyting missionary, would it be okay if you discontinued my missionary page? I know it will make a lot of people sad, but i want our family to be obedient. Thanks, and sorry!

Mom, you didn't watch the Women's Conference? Why!? That makes me sad :( I hope you read it when it comes out with the Conference Ensign! But you need to go back and listen to the music. It made me cry like a little baby!

This week has been great! I have been learning to love the people more and more. I think I figured out what the hardest thing about my mission is/will be; to see people who I love who has the Spirit working in them and then at one time or another, chooses to go away from the truth that they once acknowledged. There are two families we are teaching that I want to see baptized SOOO bad! But there are things that are happening to cause them to be in the middle between commitment and disinterest. I have the faith that if it is their time to receive these things, Heavenly Father will prepare the way for them. But my heart aches to think that the answer might be "no" for any of them! I have no doubt they can do it. I have no fear that they won't. I have faith that they will. Things just haven't been going according to plan lately....

Our friend, Caty, was baptized :) she moved, so we don't get to keep her in our ward, but it was good to see her! She was so happy :) Baptism is so important. I am so grateful to be a member of the Lord's true Church. I'm so grateful to know that I have entered the gate that opens the path that leads to Eternal Life. We are so blessed! I learn more and more every day how truly blessed we are as members of the Church. The more I come to understand these blessings, the more I see what privileges are available to me. It is easy to take these things for granted when we do it every day. I WILL go to the temple every week. I WILL read, study, and pray every day. I WILL magnify all my callings. I WILL consciously keep my covenants. I WILL be an example of my beliefs at al times, places, and things. When the truth is taken for granted, it is taken away. Life is too short to risk that. I need my Savior every hour. I need the Spirit constantly and steadily. I cannot live a single day without speaking with my Heavenly Father first. This is serious! But it's also beautiful, enjoyable, and peaceful. There is no need to fear. Christ has overcome the world! We just need to remember it, at all times, not just when the words are spoken at Sacrament time. That's my goal. Lifelong discipleship. 

Sorry, sometimes I don't know what to say so I just start saying stuff :P

I love you so much! Miss you, too :) see you in 44 days!


Monday, March 24, 2014

March 24, 2014

Hey Mom!

If you didn't suggest it, I was actually going to request a package anyway! hahaha  I was wondering if you would be so kind as to send a few button-up, short-sleeved shirts? Size small, not bright or dark colors, and if you want to play it safe and not get pattern shirts that would be fine  We had a Sisters Specialized Training last week and they made suggestions about our appearance, which was also confirmed by the Spirit that I need to dress nicer. So I would like more professional looking clothing, and I'm wearing my hair down and more makeup. Yep! So if you could do that for me I would appreciate it 

Yes! Things are going so well! I love Sister Seaman sooooooo much! She is amazing and we get along so well  She has been the easiest companion to get along with  I get along with all my companions and love them all so much, but it has been so smooth with Sister Seaman  Heavenly Father must really love me to give me such a good companion 

Things have been going really well! We are excited about some new investigators we met this week. We will let you know their progress, but we're sure they will be baptized in April  so many great people, so many miracles!

Oh, but here's the awkward story for the week. We went to see someone in YM as requested by the YM President. We tried a couple times to see him but he was out of town, then at the movies another time. Finally, last night, he was home. They were having a family card game and his nonmember girlfriend was over. We asked if we could just take a few minutes of their time to talk about missionary work and fulfilling our callings/responsibilities in our different quorums with him/them. We got talking a little, and the. The father said to the girlfriend, "This isn't typical 'Mormon family night' and we promise we didn't call them over because you were coming." Turns out she was meeting the family FOR THE FIRST TIME! It was so awkward! I just became one of "those kind" of missionaries. They were all pretty laid back about it, but I was pretty embarrassed!

So here is what I think about keeping our family close: we all need to take more of an interest in each others' lives. We need to trust each other to talk about stress and difficulties, go to each other for advice, support each other in plays, sports, classes, performances, etc., and speak loving/kind words to each other. There needs to be an emphasis on love and The Spirit in our home that draws us close. It all starts with loving kindness and covenant keeping service  I don't know what else I can say! But I promise to be more helpful in this when I come home 

Love you! Have a great week


Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17, 2014

Hey Mom!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I actually don't have anything green to wear, so I am just wearing brown  tell Dominic to pinch himself for me!

So, I just have to say, I am already LOVING this transfer! My new companion is Sister Seaman and she is amazing! She works really hard and is also really fun  it really takes a load off to have a great companion! I'm sure we will have issues down the road, but I can't imagine how bad they could be when we both just want to do our best and work hard every day! We have seen so many miracles already!

Yesterday was crazy. We had about 20 minutes before we were meeting our ride to go to a cottage meeting, so we went across the street of the Church to a little neighborhood to see if there were any potential or former investigators we could visit with. A man from inside his house saw us and came out to talk with us. We invited him to come to the cottage meeting with us and he and his wife decided to! It was so crazy! They also were walking with us to the Church and their cat was following them. They started to get really upset! I was reassuring them, "he knows his way home, he will be okay!" After the cottage meeting, we got a blessing for the man for his Crohn's disease. It ended up taking way longer than we wanted to and we drove back to the Church 2 hours later. And guess what? Their cat was sitting there still, waiting for them! It was so hilarious! I wish you could have experienced this; it was the strangest evening! But such a miracle! Who woulda guessed these random new friends would want to come with us to a cottage meeting of all things? 

I've learned about the power of inviting. We had about 30 minutes before District Meeting on Friday and were already at the Church. We saw a pair of folks walking toward us on the sidewalk. We waited for them to get closer and just talked for a minute. Then we invited them right then and there to have a Church tour, and they said they would! Afterward, the man said he would like to meet with us the following day! All we have to do is invite people to do SOMETHING, and then either they will or won't! Instead of saying, "Would you like to hear our message?" just tell it to them, and then invite them into the Church or to an activity or program  Anyone could do that! It's so simple and I am so grateful to have seen the blessings that comes from doing it with everyone we talk with! If it's in the front of your mind, it is easier to come up with meaningful things to say. It's one way to apply your studies; talking about what you know with those you meet 

So we have a baptism coming up! I don't know if I told you about it. But she will be moving a few days before her baptism. Just across the street, but the wrong street. She not only is moving out of our ward, but out of our stake! So we need to help her with fellowship, and that is our main concern. She's so great, though 

Well, I better quit. My letter is getting too long already  I love you sooo much! I hope you have a great week and a great time at Scout Camp! I think it sounds fun, I don't know why anyone is complaining! But anyway  miss you!

Love, Kady

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

March 11, 2014

Hey Mom!
So, when we have a transfer week, P-Day is on Tuesdays so that's when I email :) 5 weeks of Monday P-Days, and 1 week of Tuesday. You were right :)
Transfer news...I'm staying in Glen Lakes!!!!! I'm really happy about it :) I would be so pleased to stay here the rest of my mission! I seriously love this ward and these people! Sister Clark is getting transferred. She is my second companion that has been with me for 3 transfers. With Sister Harrah (2 transfers), I feel like I loved her a lot, and Sister Summerhays (1 transfer), too, but that third transfer really makes a huge difference in relationships. I feel like I just love Sister Connell and Sister Clark so much! And it's because of time, and finally being able to work through problems. I'm excited to have her as a friend forever :)
I have emailed President and talked with other people this week about a release date. I will see him tomorrow at transfers, so I will be able to talk with him about it (hopefully) directly and we will finally get it all taken care of.
A new Ward Mission Leader was called this weekend. We are so excited! Well, I am....Sister Clark isn't on the team anymore :P ha ha :) But I had no idea what kind of a difference having a solid Ward Mission Leader would make. Our recently released one was AMAZING! But he was just really, really busy with school and his new family. Our new WML is retired and very anxious to work hard and be useful to the missionaries. I am really excited for this new transfer! I have a lot of goals and things that I want to try and we will have a lot of support from the ward, now :) And it's good, because I've been here for awhile, so more people know me and trust me. So when my new companion comes in, we'll have a lot of things to try together to increase ward involvement :) I want to start watching those Work of Salvation video segments to match my vision with the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve's vision. AKA God's vision for missionary work!
We had a really cool experience this week. About a week and a half ago, I had a dream that I was home from my mission and the family was down here with me meeting some of my friends. We were at a certain apartment complex meeting Eydie and Timothy. As we were leaving, one of our former investigators, Marta, came out of her apartment. I went over to her and gave her a hug and said, "Ya know, you should listen to the missionaries. What they have for you is of more value than anything else in this life." Then, I heard a voice, not in my dream, tell me, "You have the opportunity to tell her that now, don't wait until you are off your mission." I was thinking about that for awhile, then we saw her driving a few days later and she asked us to come see her. The next day, we visited with her for a bit. She said, "I feel like there is more for me than what I have." That was my cue! I said to her, "We've been thinking a lot about you, and I just feel like I need to tell you something. What we have for you is of more value than anything else in this life. Will you have us back to share a message with you about the Lord's true gospel?" She got out her calendar and there was already an appointment on it for Thursday at 3:00. She must have written one of our appointments down on the wrong month! We kept that appointment, and now she's learning again! Heavenly Father really is looking after His children!!!
My beautiful friend, Olivia Torres, was baptized over the weekend! You know her, she stayed at our house over night once with our other friend, Coral, from Corvallis :) Even though our friend who we've been teaching didn't end up getting baptized, I was still so happy and filled with the Spirit knowing that one of my dearest friends WAS taking upon herself sacred covenants with The Lord :) The Church is sooooo true! And so are the scriptures that describe the joy you feel when you help bring your friends to the truth :) I want everyone to be able to feel this joy that comes from missionary work! Those who are teaching, helping, and learning are able to feel the love of God swelling and growing, and I know this because I feel it! I'm so happy for Olivia, and I know that she will be continually showered with blessings and love from our Father. I also feel so happy for all of her friends who can share in that joy, who also are being showered with love and blessings! I hope that others will be able to take a shower :) ha ha ha ;) Just kidding, but these blessings are available to all, so why not share that what is most dear to us to those of our friends, who are most dear to us?
Did I tell you that a few weeks ago I crashed on my bike really bad? We were late for an appointment so we were going really fast across town and I hit the curb really hard with my bike and "taco-ed" my front rim and our vehicle coordinator had to come and take the tire off and take it to a bike repair shop. I had bruises all over my body and a cut up ankle and calf. The scar on my calf looks kind of like I had surgery :P I think it's because I didn't take care of it when it got infected. But I just didn't remember if I told you about that! I'm fine now, though :)
Hopefully I will be getting my coat back at transfer meeting tomorrow, so I will be sending the last of my winter stuff your way next week :)
I love you so much! I can't believe how fast the time is going...I will be talking with you face-to-computer-screen in just 2 months! What the?!
Miss you :)

Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3, 2014

One more week until transfers. Either Sister Clark or I will probably be transferred since it isn't very likely that companions stay together for more than 3 transfers!

So today, we were at the grocery store and there was this old man that walked by us and squinched his face really tight and stuck out his tongue at me. I was like, "What the flip?" It was pretty funny  I feel bad for the people who think WE'RE the evil ones when we are going about doing good! I'm not saying he's evil, just apparently misinformed 

We had the Gilbert Arizona Temple Dedication yesterday  It was so great! But way too dark in the chapel...I felt a little sleepy in there! But the Spirit was so strong! It's amazing how The Spirit can set the tone for the meeting. As soon as we walked in, it felt like we were in the temple. People were talking and distracting the Spirit more than I would have liked, but it was such a beautiful feeling. I felt the Spirit the strongest, though, at the end when we all sang together. My heart just wants to sing sometimes and exclaim my joy! I got a little choked up singing The Spirit of God! I loved it!

This weekend it rained really hard. Remember when it rained back when I first got into this area? Here's my theory. It was super warm and nice in the beginning of November, then it rained and got pretty cold. This weekend it rained again, and now I feel like the heat is going to turn on.....I'm so scared! Please feel bad for me! I promise I'll start feeling more bad for you in the snow!!! Okay, but anyway. It rained really hard! We were caught in the storm a couple of times on Saturday. The rain gets stuck on the sides of the street so we were pedaling through rain up to the middle of our calves! It was cold and wet and I was pretty ticked. I did my best to stay in the middle of the road where there weren't really any puddles. Then I look over and Sister Clark is grinning and laughing and purposefully splashing her bike through the gutter. You can have this one Sister Clark!

I watch the Bible Videos on when they come out. I've been working on finishing the 4 gospels and right now I'm in John, so I'm almost done! It has been cool to come across the stories that I remember from the Bible Videos because it helps me to visualize and really understand what the scripture is showing me. Have you seen the Bible Videos? You need to watch them! My favorites are "Jesus Heals a Man Born Blind," "The Good Samaritan," "Peter Preaches and is Arrested," and the one about the lost sheep  I also liked the Come Unto Him music video for the 2014 Youth Theme. You should look those up!!!

I just want you to know that I have a testimony of this gospel. It's truer than true! Having the gospel in your life makes you happy. And not having the gospel in your life makes it harder to be happy. This week I made it a goal to try to be happy no matter what. It's really hard! When I feel like someone is doing me wrong, I like to be mad at them so they know it! I also like to be sad about things that hurt me. But it's sometimes really hard to be happy through it all. I've been praying for that. I know that Heavenly Father likes that goal that I set for myself, because He has been helping me so much! Things that normally do make me mad or sad or hurt or frustrated, did for a second, and then when I took a breath, the smile came on automatically. I've been able to laugh when there is tension and smile when I want to cry! My heart is filled with such joy! I also made the connection with that silly saying that people have on their car windows and stickered on their walls, "Peace, Love, and Happiness." When you have one of those, you have all three! If one is weak, they all fail together. If I want to have a peaceful life full of love, I need to be happy! As much and as often as I can! I don't think it's that silly anymore So that has been my goal and I'm excited to see where it takes me in the next week 

Remember that P-Day is on Tuesday next week  I love you so much and hope that everything is fun and safe for you at home!

Love, Kady