Phoenix Arizona Temple

Phoenix Arizona Temple

Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17, 2014

Hey Mom!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I actually don't have anything green to wear, so I am just wearing brown  tell Dominic to pinch himself for me!

So, I just have to say, I am already LOVING this transfer! My new companion is Sister Seaman and she is amazing! She works really hard and is also really fun  it really takes a load off to have a great companion! I'm sure we will have issues down the road, but I can't imagine how bad they could be when we both just want to do our best and work hard every day! We have seen so many miracles already!

Yesterday was crazy. We had about 20 minutes before we were meeting our ride to go to a cottage meeting, so we went across the street of the Church to a little neighborhood to see if there were any potential or former investigators we could visit with. A man from inside his house saw us and came out to talk with us. We invited him to come to the cottage meeting with us and he and his wife decided to! It was so crazy! They also were walking with us to the Church and their cat was following them. They started to get really upset! I was reassuring them, "he knows his way home, he will be okay!" After the cottage meeting, we got a blessing for the man for his Crohn's disease. It ended up taking way longer than we wanted to and we drove back to the Church 2 hours later. And guess what? Their cat was sitting there still, waiting for them! It was so hilarious! I wish you could have experienced this; it was the strangest evening! But such a miracle! Who woulda guessed these random new friends would want to come with us to a cottage meeting of all things? 

I've learned about the power of inviting. We had about 30 minutes before District Meeting on Friday and were already at the Church. We saw a pair of folks walking toward us on the sidewalk. We waited for them to get closer and just talked for a minute. Then we invited them right then and there to have a Church tour, and they said they would! Afterward, the man said he would like to meet with us the following day! All we have to do is invite people to do SOMETHING, and then either they will or won't! Instead of saying, "Would you like to hear our message?" just tell it to them, and then invite them into the Church or to an activity or program  Anyone could do that! It's so simple and I am so grateful to have seen the blessings that comes from doing it with everyone we talk with! If it's in the front of your mind, it is easier to come up with meaningful things to say. It's one way to apply your studies; talking about what you know with those you meet 

So we have a baptism coming up! I don't know if I told you about it. But she will be moving a few days before her baptism. Just across the street, but the wrong street. She not only is moving out of our ward, but out of our stake! So we need to help her with fellowship, and that is our main concern. She's so great, though 

Well, I better quit. My letter is getting too long already  I love you sooo much! I hope you have a great week and a great time at Scout Camp! I think it sounds fun, I don't know why anyone is complaining! But anyway  miss you!

Love, Kady

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