Phoenix Arizona Temple

Phoenix Arizona Temple

Monday, March 24, 2014

March 24, 2014

Hey Mom!

If you didn't suggest it, I was actually going to request a package anyway! hahaha  I was wondering if you would be so kind as to send a few button-up, short-sleeved shirts? Size small, not bright or dark colors, and if you want to play it safe and not get pattern shirts that would be fine  We had a Sisters Specialized Training last week and they made suggestions about our appearance, which was also confirmed by the Spirit that I need to dress nicer. So I would like more professional looking clothing, and I'm wearing my hair down and more makeup. Yep! So if you could do that for me I would appreciate it 

Yes! Things are going so well! I love Sister Seaman sooooooo much! She is amazing and we get along so well  She has been the easiest companion to get along with  I get along with all my companions and love them all so much, but it has been so smooth with Sister Seaman  Heavenly Father must really love me to give me such a good companion 

Things have been going really well! We are excited about some new investigators we met this week. We will let you know their progress, but we're sure they will be baptized in April  so many great people, so many miracles!

Oh, but here's the awkward story for the week. We went to see someone in YM as requested by the YM President. We tried a couple times to see him but he was out of town, then at the movies another time. Finally, last night, he was home. They were having a family card game and his nonmember girlfriend was over. We asked if we could just take a few minutes of their time to talk about missionary work and fulfilling our callings/responsibilities in our different quorums with him/them. We got talking a little, and the. The father said to the girlfriend, "This isn't typical 'Mormon family night' and we promise we didn't call them over because you were coming." Turns out she was meeting the family FOR THE FIRST TIME! It was so awkward! I just became one of "those kind" of missionaries. They were all pretty laid back about it, but I was pretty embarrassed!

So here is what I think about keeping our family close: we all need to take more of an interest in each others' lives. We need to trust each other to talk about stress and difficulties, go to each other for advice, support each other in plays, sports, classes, performances, etc., and speak loving/kind words to each other. There needs to be an emphasis on love and The Spirit in our home that draws us close. It all starts with loving kindness and covenant keeping service  I don't know what else I can say! But I promise to be more helpful in this when I come home 

Love you! Have a great week


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