Phoenix Arizona Temple

Phoenix Arizona Temple

Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3, 2014

One more week until transfers. Either Sister Clark or I will probably be transferred since it isn't very likely that companions stay together for more than 3 transfers!

So today, we were at the grocery store and there was this old man that walked by us and squinched his face really tight and stuck out his tongue at me. I was like, "What the flip?" It was pretty funny  I feel bad for the people who think WE'RE the evil ones when we are going about doing good! I'm not saying he's evil, just apparently misinformed 

We had the Gilbert Arizona Temple Dedication yesterday  It was so great! But way too dark in the chapel...I felt a little sleepy in there! But the Spirit was so strong! It's amazing how The Spirit can set the tone for the meeting. As soon as we walked in, it felt like we were in the temple. People were talking and distracting the Spirit more than I would have liked, but it was such a beautiful feeling. I felt the Spirit the strongest, though, at the end when we all sang together. My heart just wants to sing sometimes and exclaim my joy! I got a little choked up singing The Spirit of God! I loved it!

This weekend it rained really hard. Remember when it rained back when I first got into this area? Here's my theory. It was super warm and nice in the beginning of November, then it rained and got pretty cold. This weekend it rained again, and now I feel like the heat is going to turn on.....I'm so scared! Please feel bad for me! I promise I'll start feeling more bad for you in the snow!!! Okay, but anyway. It rained really hard! We were caught in the storm a couple of times on Saturday. The rain gets stuck on the sides of the street so we were pedaling through rain up to the middle of our calves! It was cold and wet and I was pretty ticked. I did my best to stay in the middle of the road where there weren't really any puddles. Then I look over and Sister Clark is grinning and laughing and purposefully splashing her bike through the gutter. You can have this one Sister Clark!

I watch the Bible Videos on when they come out. I've been working on finishing the 4 gospels and right now I'm in John, so I'm almost done! It has been cool to come across the stories that I remember from the Bible Videos because it helps me to visualize and really understand what the scripture is showing me. Have you seen the Bible Videos? You need to watch them! My favorites are "Jesus Heals a Man Born Blind," "The Good Samaritan," "Peter Preaches and is Arrested," and the one about the lost sheep  I also liked the Come Unto Him music video for the 2014 Youth Theme. You should look those up!!!

I just want you to know that I have a testimony of this gospel. It's truer than true! Having the gospel in your life makes you happy. And not having the gospel in your life makes it harder to be happy. This week I made it a goal to try to be happy no matter what. It's really hard! When I feel like someone is doing me wrong, I like to be mad at them so they know it! I also like to be sad about things that hurt me. But it's sometimes really hard to be happy through it all. I've been praying for that. I know that Heavenly Father likes that goal that I set for myself, because He has been helping me so much! Things that normally do make me mad or sad or hurt or frustrated, did for a second, and then when I took a breath, the smile came on automatically. I've been able to laugh when there is tension and smile when I want to cry! My heart is filled with such joy! I also made the connection with that silly saying that people have on their car windows and stickered on their walls, "Peace, Love, and Happiness." When you have one of those, you have all three! If one is weak, they all fail together. If I want to have a peaceful life full of love, I need to be happy! As much and as often as I can! I don't think it's that silly anymore So that has been my goal and I'm excited to see where it takes me in the next week 

Remember that P-Day is on Tuesday next week  I love you so much and hope that everything is fun and safe for you at home!

Love, Kady

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