Phoenix Arizona Temple

Phoenix Arizona Temple

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

September 3, 2013

I didn't remember to bring my journal today and I only have an hour online so I hope this isn't a stinky letter like usual! Just so I don't forget, I haven't even opened the battery operated alarm clock you sent me so I can send it back to you :) We just use the alarm on our cell phone to get up! And I don't like the kind that tick, which is the kind you bought me. I'll send it home! First of all, I think it's funny that you said that I'm better off as a missionary to not miss my family as much as people like Preston Sharp because I have been away at school before, but so was Preston! hahahahaha so that didn't work :) Anyway! So we had a pretty interesting week. We met a girl who we started teaching early in the week, then she kept cancelling appointments with us....and then she moved to Tucson. It was crazy! Oh well :) But it ended up being a miracle because Sister Connell and I were planning this AWESOME lesson with another one of our investigators, using the white board and a bunch of visual aids and things :) But she ended up having a headache and asked us to come to her house we told our member who was going to come, who is also our ward mission leader, that he didn't need to come anymore and we would just hurry over to her house. We had to completely change our lesson plan! So we decided to try to teach the same lesson we did with the girl who moved. It ended up being our best lesson ever! We invited the Spirit so strongly! It was amazing :) We went on companion exchanges with our Sister Trainer Leaders. I always love exchanges :) tonight we're going on another exchange with the sisters who serve in Sedona :) I always learn so much! It's pretty much guaranteed that Sister Connell and I will be staying in Flagstaff together for another transfer after this. It was pretty obviously hinted at us yesterday. I'm REALLY happy about it :) Lately I've had the best experiences receiving personal revelation! It's pretty much, like, every day. I'd tell you all my experiences but I'm running out of time! I'll just give you one. I probably told you this already, and I'm getting frustrated with this email program, or else I would check to make sure I'm not repeating myself. So Sister Connell was praying for inspiration of new ideas we can use to find more investigators at the institute. WHILE SHE WAS PRAYING I came up with the idea for a Book of Mormon discussion group! We would meet every day or every other day at a certain time to read chapters of the Book of Mormon together and apply it to our lives! I told her about the idea and she came up with a brilliant idea to make it a group on Facebook! In the next couple of days we're going to organize it and make it happen :) It's called "Liken" because we liken the scriptures to ourselves :) and also because we're likin' the Book of Mormon ;) Please join the page! And tell everyone! We'll talk about the Book of Mormon together with everyone around the world! That's our dream for it anyway :) But it's just absolutely amazing to me that we would be in the process of praying for inspiration and receiving it at the exact same time! It's been happening all the time lately :) Well, that's about all I have time for today. Sorry! I'll repent and do better next week :) LOVE YOU!!!! Tell Kelly congratulations for me and give everyone a big hug :) -Kady

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