Phoenix Arizona Temple

Phoenix Arizona Temple

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

August 13, 2013

Soooooooo.....I'm staying in Flagstaff another transfer! And Sister Connell and I are staying companions :) She's probably bummed, but I'm so relieved! Things are about to get AWESOME here! I wouldn't want to miss the start of Fall semester at NAU! We're going to make sure we have almost too much work to do :) this will be great :) I'm glad the time is going fast for you. For me it seems not fast and not slow. But it does feel like I've been on my mission forever, and that I've been in Flagstaff FOREVER. That's another reason I'm glad I'm not being transferred yet, because I have a feeling that once I switch to a new area my mission will FLY by! :( It's done me some good so far. Straightened me out. I definitely recommend it for everyone. I improved in areas that I didn't even know needed to be improved! I thought I was a good person...but no! I was terrible! That's why I want my mission to stay slow and steady because I have a lot left to learn and only 13 more months to learn it! Well, then the rest of my life, but at least here all my weaknesses are out in front of me so obviously that it's almost humiliating so I can't hide behind them and act like I'm fine without even realizing it. Sorry if that didn't make sense, all I'm saying is I hope I come home (in a looooonnnngg time) a much better person than when I left. On that note, I'm sorry for treating all of you badly. Especially you, Mom. I am a huge BRAT! I am so selfish! But I'm getting better :) "Nevertheless, the Lord God showeth us our weakness that we may know that it is by His grace, and His great condescensions unto the children of men, that we have power to do these things." Jacob 4-7 And yes, you can link my page to my Facebook page. I will do that eventually, too :) when I'm on FACEBOOK! Crazy! Still don't know when, but a member of our Mission Presidency came this weekend to talk with our Stake Presidency about it, so it's official :) official-er.... My suggestions to Kelly are to have low-maintenance clothing, something she can just slip on and be comfortable in all day. My companions have all had dresses, and it's great, but the skirt and shirt combinations provide more outfit options, and dresses (to me) don't seem as professional. If she goes on there is a way to look at dress and grooming standards for missionaries. She should wear colorful things, but still look professional, nicer than if she was going to Church. Something that is emphasized in this mission is to still look like a missionary at Church so you can still be recognized even though everyone is in the same attire. I was going to send home my cardigan sweaters because it's WAY too hot to want to wear them, but in this mission we are required to wear a blazer or cardigan sweater to all of our meetings, including Church meetings. That might just be a preference for here, but it's a good idea I think! The shoes we got for me were at Famous Footwear, and we just got a pair of black and a pair of brown shoes of the same brand and style called "Natural Soul by Naturalizer" and they have been the BEST shoes ever! They only hurt the very first day in the MTC and it only hurt on the top of my foot from rubbing and then it's been perfect ever since! And the soul is thick so they aren't wearing out, and it's more comfortable to wear them with those no-show socks. The only thing I wish we would have bought for me is more button-up style shirts. I feel most comfortable in those, probably because it makes me look more professional, so Kelly might not feel the same way, but if I were her, you can't go wrong with button-up shirts! And skirts with prints aren't the best idea. I've gotten rid of all my printed skirts by now... I think that's really awesome you had the missionaries over :) I only remember them being over one time and I can't even remember why or what they did or anything. But when I go home, I'm going to treat the missionaries so well! I'm going to feed them all the time, give them tons of referrals! I have to pay it forward, this ward is so good to us! So, the work is picking up a bit here. We have some potentials that we're really excited about :) We also have an investigator that is opening up a lot! It's really exciting :) Does Dad have the Preach My Gospel DVDs? They're really great! He should watch them with his Mission Prep class :) We watch parts of it every day and it always teaches us or reminds us of things that are exactly what we need that day! It's amazing :) It's kind of cheesy sometimes, the Sister missionaries are great missionaries, but they are kind of silly sometimes. I recommend it though :) Thanks for the email and for everyone writing me this week :) I can't wait to get all their letters! I love you, Mom :) See you soon! (or in a REALLY LONG TIME) :) -Kady

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