Phoenix Arizona Temple

Phoenix Arizona Temple

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

June 3, 2013

AHH!!! I can't believe it!!! Korea????!!!! Is she scared? Or excited? I would be scared out of my mind!!!! I'm just grateful that I'm speaking English and in America :) But that is so so so so so so so exciting!!!!!!!!!! And that is incredible about JD! Wow, what a kid. I knew he was special! The Lord favors him, I just know it :) Love him! Anyway, so the dreaded transfer news.........I'M STAYING IN FLAGSTAFF! Which means I'm going to the Phoenix mission starting July 1st! And Sister being transferred today. Her dream has always been to go on the reservation, but they closed it to sisters, until this transfer. She's opening Window Rock (on the reservation, if you don't know where that is) and she's also training!!! She's really nervous but I think she'll do great :) So let me tell you what the plan is for today. Sister Harrah and I are going to drive to Joseph City. My new companion is currently serving there. Sister Harrah will take my companion's companion to Farmington with the car as they are both training. I will stay in Joseph City tonight. Then tomorrow, when all the trainees are assigned to their trainers, Sister Harrah will be given a truck and sent to Window Rock, and the other Joseph City sister will bring our car back to us. She will train in Joseph City and I will take my new companion back to Flagstaff, never to see Sister Harrah or Farmington again. Pretty dramatic, but pretty true! Sister Harrah and I have had a sad last week together.... But! We are having some amazing things happen! We have two girls on date for baptism and potentially two or three more that we'll set dates with this week!!! Hopefully I stay in Flagstaff through the Summer, so I can see these baptisms through, but also because I REALLY don't want to go to Phoenix until it cools down! Speaking of that, I might need to get new clothes sent to me. I have too many long sleeved shirts and cardigans! Is it cold where Kelly is? She can have some of my stuff! I'll also need to send home my coats and boots. Not going to have much of a cold winter! Unless I get transferred back to/don't leave Flagstaff which has more snow than I'm used to! And I'll need a backpack. My bag is breaking on the straps, and I might be on a bike. But I can get one, so don't feel like you have to get one for me! I will request a New Missionary Packet whatever they're called, so I can kind of know what I need. Thanks for the package! It came just in time! I needed a journal almost desperately! And thanks for the oil :) And the socks! You're the best!!!! Well, I'm almost out of time for this week. LOVE YOU LOVE YOU LOVE YOU!!!! -Sister K. Tolley (because soon you'll have emails from Sister R. Tolley!!!!!)

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