Phoenix Arizona Temple

Phoenix Arizona Temple

Monday, December 9, 2013

December 9, 2013

Hey Mom :)
I don't like ugly dogs.
Yes we watched the broadcast :) We went to the Stake Center for it.  I liked it, but I wasn't really in the right mood to feel the Spirit. It was my fault, I wasn't cranky or anything, just out of it, I guess.
People were telling me today the Highs in Utah, and it made me really sad. 50 degrees feels SO SO SO SO SO COLD! But I guess I just forgot what cold really feels like. I'll stop complaining :)
There is nothing to "sight-see" in my all looks like Murray. So for P-Day we mostly just shop and clean and write letters and eat food.  But today was one of our zone leader's last P-Day of his life, so he wanted us all to go bowling.  It was pretty fun :) That's why I'm emailing you back pretty late! I was on a "team" with a sister named Sister Neary, and she and I bowled 100! That was a personal best for both of us even though it doesn't really count! It was funny :)
Okay, here's the letter part :)
This week was great :) We had another baptism for another mother and son :) I love these people so much! We have a lot of work to do to get anyone else ready for baptism. We have some investigators who are SO READY! but they just have to work out their singular but major issues.  Solid! But not progressing.  It's rough.  But we love it and are coming up with all sorts of new ideas to move the work along!
My relationship with Brittany is improving.  {She named her bicycle} I can't say that I hate her anymore.  And she hasn't hurt me in awhile.  I think we're getting used to each other.  I would hope to one day be able to sell her to someone else, but for now, she and I are getting along okay.  I'm not as sore or tired as I used to be! But I have to say, helmets tend to ruin my day.  Not really, that was an exaggeration! But it's either hat hair or helmet hair, every day.  Good thing I don't care that much, except when it breaks like crazy! Nope, don't care.
I feel like I have become more ridiculous than I have ever been before.  I say the most absurd things and am always laughing like a crazy person. I don't know what's wrong with me! But every day is a great day and even though I'm really loud and call attention to myself whether I mean to or not, people are coming to Christ.  I think it's interesting that the Lord blesses us with our personalities to share the gospel in our own ways.  I would stress out so much wishing I was soft-spoken with a quiet, kind voice who was nice and smiled pleasantly all the time.  But then I accidentally became more loud and the complete opposite of what I'd hoped to be.  But anyway! The Lord knows all of His children! He can put two people in the same place who have the right thing in common to have the right conversation to help them come unto Him.  I know that can be true for everyone.  We have all been given Spiritual Gifts to be used to build the Kingdom, and sometimes all we need to do to use those gifts is to open our mouths and talk to the person that the Lord has placed beside us.  I know that when Elder Ballard said that we can all reach out to the "one" and bring them to SOMETHING by Christmas, he meant all of us.  I know that that means that the Lord can perform this miracle through ALL OF US!
Sorry my letter is short this week.  I love you so much and can't wait to see you on Christmas! You're amazing and I am forever grateful for all you've done for me.
Until next week!

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