Phoenix Arizona Temple

Phoenix Arizona Temple

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

December 17, 2013

Hey Mom :)
Yep! I got my package :) Thank you very much! And you can definitely keep that ornament this year!
I'm glad to hear Grandma is doing okay. I will probably Skype you on Christmas, just because I want my Christmas to be special. If I don't do that, it might be a really lame day. We have a few breakfast and dinner appointments for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but we have to stay home otherwise. So I will be sitting around and studying all day except when I Skype you. I guess I'll do it in the afternoon so you can open all your presents first? Oh, maybe in that case I should call you on Christmas Eve... Yeah! I think I'll do that! Would it be okay if I Skyped you on Christmas Eve at a time when Kelly isn't likely to call you?
And I would like to go home by plane when the day comes :)
Yep, we have a Denny's pretty close to us, I think there's one in the area! I'm not so sure I'll be eating their Hobbit food though, ha :)
Thanks for keeping me updated with camping and soccer and puppies and all that :) I really do mean it!
Sundays are good.  We have to get up early though :( We have a meeting at 7:00 am and our Sacrament meeting is at 8:00 am. It makes me pretty sad. I'm still trying to figure out how to get to know the members! We only see them once a week for 3 hours and I guess I'm still used to seeing everyone every day at the Welcome Center and them having time for us and all that.  We've had a lot of practice on what not to do, so now we can try again to get to know the members the right way :)
Tomorrow is transfers.  SURPRISE! Sister Clark and I are staying here :) I'm glad because I feel like I can redeem myself! I don't think I've been struggling or anything, but I'm excited to start this transfer working a lot harder than I have. Please don't think I've been lazy, but I do want to try and focus on my goals for the area and for the people and for myself. I expect great things from this transfer.
This week was great! On Tuesday we had a Christmas Conference.  We spent the morning from 9-1 being edified by music and talks and year-wrap-up slideshows. Then we went down to the Mesa temple! We did a session and then walked around the visitor's center with all the lights and nativities :) I have to say, I never have craved the temple more in my life. My heart longs to go back! I might not get to again until I go home, but I am serious about going every week. There's no way I can live 5 minutes from the temple and not go as often as I can! For a few days, I really felt changed by my experience. I had a glimpse of the person that I want to be, and need to be, to reach my fullest potential as a disciple. I've been praying and pleading to keep that same Spirit with me that I had at the temple, but as I knew I couldn't, I've already forgotten! I can't live another week without going to the temple. I hope I can keep that goal throughout my life.
Something that I learned this week was the importance of a Junior and Senior companion.  Sister Clark and I have had some struggles because we were both trying to let the other person lead.  The Lord has asked me to be the Senior companion because someone needs to be the leader.  We had a terrible companionship study the other day! We got nothing done and it was so frustrating. I couldn't understand why it was such a waste of time. Then Sister Clark told me that she needs me to step up and lead the companionship more. So I tried it the next day and our companion study was excellent! We did everything that we needed to in sufficient time! There's a difference between letting someone give their opinion or doing what someone else wants to do, and being completely and inappropriately submissive.  I only submit my will to the Lord. And His Will is often that I do what Sister Clark suggests, but someone needs to say "this is what we're doing" and own it. So that's something that I'm working on this week. It's crazy because sometimes I forget that she's only been out for 4 months and needs me to lead her and show her what works. A lot of changes will be happening in the next couple of weeks!
I learned today in my personal study that every contact needs to include an invitation.  Sister Clark and I have tried to talk with everyone.  I learned how to make it better today! We need to invite people to act, whether it's to take the discussions, come to Church, read the Book of Mormon, pray, or anything like that, because if we're not, we're not letting that person have the opportunity to repent.  The Lord commands all of us to cry repentance unto our neighbors and brothers and sisters. The way to do that is to invite them to do something.  Invitations allow them to change and be better, which is repentance! That's another goal I have.
Well, I love you a lot! I'll see you next week :) :) :)
Love you so so so so so much!!!!

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