Phoenix Arizona Temple

Phoenix Arizona Temple

Monday, December 30, 2013

December 30, 2013

Why hello there, Mom!
Good news! We're allowed to Skype home on New Years!!! Just kidding ;)
Anyway, yes, Grandma sent me 2 McDonald's gift cards and Sister Clark doesn't want hers so I might not be using them very soon.
So the other Sharp family, the wife was once a Godfrey if that helps you to know who they are, Will Sharp's brother and sister-in-law, were at our Sacrament meeting yesterday! It was hilarious.They said, "is your dad really tall and funny?"  I showed them the picture I took of you and they got all excited! They didn't recognize me and I didn't recognize them, but it was funny to say, "we went to Havasupai with them, but you weren't there, were you?" "Yeah, I was there! We totally went on vacation together!" Weird connections :)
Thanks for letting us practice teaching you on Facebook. We learned a lot on what we need to do better, what works, and what we want to try next. For the profiles, can you all put "Tolley" as one of the key words so I can follow up with you next week? You don't need to answer that in an email, I will know if you did it when I can find your pages!
I learned a lot this week. I got a little depressed on Friday because it marked 10 months I've been out. I did a lot of reflecting this weekend and made a lot of goals. I'm really sad that I only have 8 months left and I hope I can work even harder with what I have left. It's like what we say in soccer, "leave it all on the field." Soccer field, mission field, I'm grateful for that lesson.
My testimony increased this week on the importance of Church attendance. As a missionary, I look at all the things people are and aren't doing; reading the scriptures, praying, coming to Church, living the commandments, etc. Everyone else who isn't a missionary only sees one thing; Church attendance. What makes a person "active" in the Church? Whether or not they come to Church. There could be someone who comes every single week and goes to all the activities, but doesn't pray or read every night. To everyone, that person is an active member. I know that there are so many other important things that need to be done in order for people to be converted besides just coming to Church, but I really learned the true importance of just that this week. I'm not saying that I don't think people should read or pray anymore, but coming to Church is what will prove their conversion! If a person can't get themselves to Church every week and aren't willing to try, how can they ever keep covenants with the Lord? We invited several people to Church on Saturday and all during last week, and yesterday none of them made it. One lady is less-active and lives RIGHT NEXT DOOR to the Church but hasn't come in over a year. We invited her and she said she definitely would because she could tell by our many times asking that we really do love her and want her there. When she didn't come, I literally cried right there during the Sacrament hymn. My brothers and sisters need to be there with me every week! And preparations for helping people to come to Church begin at 11:00 on Sunday, right as Church is getting out. I pray we will be seeing them there next week.
Well, I love you a lot! Could you send me my/a white handkerchief sometime? Probably with the package you send me for my birthday, if you are doing that. If you're not, I would like you to send me the hankie by itself then :)
Thanks! Love you! Miss you!

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