Phoenix Arizona Temple

Phoenix Arizona Temple

Monday, November 25, 2013

November 25, 2013

Oh, hello :)
So! People SERIOUSLY exaggerated Phoenix winters.  I was thinking it would be in the 70s or 60s at the worst, but last week was FREEZING! I guess we had the worst storm Arizona has ever had? It just rained for 3 days, more like a constant drizzle, but it was sooo cold...It was probably just that cold because I wasn't expecting it, and I left my boots and coat in Flagstaff for the Sisters that are there to be nice.. So I've been layering and wearing lots of cardigan sweaters on top of each other! On Saturday it was so cold that Sister Clark and I went to the Starbucks in Target and got hot chocolate and bought knit hats to wear under our helmets to stay warm! It was very cold on Saturday. But it's pretty nice today! The sun is out! And people say it shouldn't be that cold that often...but I don't know how much I trust what people say about the weather anymore. They say that the summers "aren't that bad" when they're deathly hot and that the winters "are really nice" when they are actually like a typical winter.  But I'm not complaining! It's not snowing at least and probably won't at all :)
So I still haven't bought any garments.  I will probably do that right now while I wait for your email.  I think I'm going to go with the DriLux :)
Did you send that letter to Kelly? She didn't give me her Korean address so I was hoping you could send it for me :) You could probably just scan it and email it to her instead if you want, I don't care :)
So I often spend some time in the mornings pondering as I run on the treadmill in our apartment's gym. Today I was thinking about the relation between Spiritual Strength and Physical Strength.  When you diet and eat healthy, it does you a lot of good.  It also does you a lot more good when you exercise every day.  When you exercise and don't eat very healthy, exercising can be more painful than necessary.  I like to think that's the same way Spiritually!  When we study and learn and grow in the Spirit, it does us a lot more good when we exercise our faith.  The inward action is justified by the outward action.  Then I was thinking about when people eat too much and exercise to little.  Maybe they are eating really healthy foods! But when they aren't exercising, the food they eat isn't doing much good for them anymore.  When we grow our testimony, it doesn't do us very much good to hold it inside.  There can be really spiritual people who don't exercise their bodies or diet well, and there are people who exercise and diet regularly but aren't very spiritual.  I think the best balance is of people who exercise their bodies and their faith equally, and who are on a physical and spiritual diet :) I know this is getting weird, but I was also thinking about "spiritual diets," like, "oh no, I can't [watch that movie, listen to that music, go to that place], I'm on a diet." :) haha! From all this I have decided that I need to eat better and take exercise more seriously...and to bear my testimony more :)
Anyway! We had a baptism this weekend :) It was for our friends Maribel and Angel :) mother and son :) They're amazing! It's such a beautiful thing to see family getting baptized together. I was used to just baptizing individuals and not expecting to even meet their parents.  2 out of 4 baptisms in Flagstaff their families didn't even come at all.  I really am loving Glendale a lot :) The bike is NOT getting better.  I don't like Brittany, she is not my friend.  But those sleeves that Dad sent me are amazing! What a great idea!
Well, I love you a lot and I hope everything is well for you at home! Thanks for the email :) Sorry I made you rush! I love you sooo much and hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!  Sorry these are always so short.
Love and miss you!

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