Phoenix Arizona Temple

Phoenix Arizona Temple

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

November 11, 2013

Hey Mom! Sorry I'm emailing you so late. We had a crazy time today with riding our bikes around and Sister Clark is playing the piano for a musical number for our mission tour this week, and we pretty much just wasted a lot of time. I hate wasting time! But next week we'll be more organized. Anyway, so the garment thing, I just want to decide if I want to buy the caranessa kind because it's the kind I like, or if I want to buy a whatever kind is best for Phoenix heat. I don't really know. I guess I will let you know next week? Is that okay? Sorry about that. It's just hard to only have 7 and a half pairs!!!! (Sister Harrah stole one piece....rude!) So I love love LOVE Glendale! It's so nice here! OHHH! And, you should tell Patriarch Williams that I'm serving in his old ward :) Lots of people know him! And his family lives in the ward that shares our building! Crazy huh? :) But yes, the weather is perfect this time of year in the valley. I am SSOOOOOOO happy to be out of Flagstaff :) I loved it there so much! But it was getting pretty cold, and now it's perfect weather :) I just hope next summer I go somewhere up North again! hahaha I guess we'll see. I just hope that some day I will be back in a car again. The only thing I dislike about this area is the bike. I am training myself to be positive about it, but right now it ticks me off pretty bad. Sister Clark is from West Jordan, Utah! And I like her a lot. My first 3 companions were all alike and pretty much the opposite of me, but Sister Clark and I have a lot of similarities. But I am so grateful for the time I had with my other companions! We had our struggles, but because of them, a lot of situations where I know I would have butted heads with Sister Clark are avoided because I have a more patient and temperate attitude toward disagreement. She knows what she wants and I know what I want, and when there is slight variation, I am pleased to say that I have learned to take a step back and only worry about the things that really matter to me, not just always getting my way about everything. I'm Sister Clark's second companion, this is her first transfer not in training, and I know that if we were both at that point in our missions, we would not get along, just because I know how I was and I know how I would react to her, and I can guess pretty well how she would react to me, well, by the way she DOES react to me, haha. Well anyway, I'm just pleased to see that we have a lot of similarities, but also to see that I am changing and that I can get along with probably anyone now, when before it was a lot harder :) Sister Clark and I will have a great transfer :) So about school. I tell everyone who asks me that I plan on going to Dixie with Kelly and Victoria :) I still really want to!!! But this is my thought. I either want to work for the year until school starts, or I want to take a few classes at Salt Lake Community College for the credits that don't transfer from a Wyoming school to Utah schools. So I don't know what you can do about that, but I wouldn't mind taking some of those general education classes that aren't credited. Does that make sense? I feel like it doesn't but I don't know how to reword it. And I have no idea what you can do about that! Well, life is good. I will pray for Grandma. I will also pray that I can go over to the Mares's for Thanksgiving. I guess we'll see what happens! Love you so so so much! Sorry this is a short letter. -Kady

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