Phoenix Arizona Temple

Phoenix Arizona Temple

Monday, May 12, 2014

May 12, 2014

Hey Mom :) good to see you yesterday! It was fun to see more of the family, too :) I hope Dominic has a better day today. 

If I make an appointment for my hair, I would also like for it to be colored. Is that okay? But if not, a cut would be much appreciated!!! I'll take an appointment whenever. It's not like I know what I will be doing those first few days until they happen anyway :) haha.

I don't know about you, but I wouldn't be opposed to 5:30 am rec center classes :)

This week has been just amazing. Our amazing friends, the Schafer family, came to Church again yesterday! They love it :) I am sooooo excited for them. Please keep them in your prayers! 

On Friday we were in a certain part of the area, and thought, "Let's go see Linda." She is inactive and we found her from a list of names the High Priest Group Leader asked us to see who he didn't know if they even existed. We'd met her once just to see if she was there and if we could do anything for her, and reported back. But Friday we had the thought to go back and invite her to Church. We said, "Linda, will you come to Church with is?" And she said, "Yeah, I will." We must not have believed it could be that easy! We read her some scriptures and promised her some blessings and invited her again. She said, "Yeah, I said I will go with you." Guess what she did yesterday? She came to Church!!! I forget how easy it can be sometimes to invite people. That's all Hastening the Work of Salvation is; an invitation to invite those we meet to do something!

What? Booger Boy didn't like the zoo? What an egg sandwich. Just kidding ;) I love my Soul Sister!

The lesson I learned this week is how to practice temperance. A temperate person doesn't let her circumstances, environment, physical demands, or other people determine her mood or reactions. Even if I am stressed, frustrated, hungry, tired, annoyed, bored, frazzled, hot, cramping, confused, misunderstood, or if the person I am with is any of those things, I can still be in total control. Right now I am not, but it is something I am working on. I have focussed my energy on slowing my mind down and thinking rationally. My natural inclination when I am tired or hungry is to be snappy so the person stops talking to me. The one that has been getting me lately is when my companion is irritated and my reactions are either to correct her impatience or to ignore it and let it bother me. But with all the situations that may occur, I have been learning to take a step back and think about what I can do to immediately make the situation better. Maybe it's being humble and accepting criticism. Maybe it's making light of a stressful situation. Maybe it is taking a little break by taking a fun picture or talking about something silly and laughing. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. I want to be temperate, but my body is a roller coaster of emotions. Self control is the victory over this life. We are here to learn how to control our bodies by being obedient to God instead of doing whatever our body leads us to want to do. So, temperance is my current objective :)

Do you think I have changed since coming out on my mission? If so, can you share with me some examples? I don't feel like i have changed at all. Sister Seaman asked her family yesterday and they said she has changed a lot! So I am just curious :)

Love you, Mom! I think I spaced it and didn't wish you a Happy Mothers Day yesterday. I hope it was great :)

Talk to you soon!

Love, Kady

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